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SEO Alert -Broad Core Algorithm Update 2018

A wide core algorithm that has led to enormous drops in the Google Web site rankings. There are a lot of arguments and discussions about renewing in the webmaster world arena. Google Danny Sullivan confirmed a tweet on the messages. He continued to continue to improved tweets to improve Google's search queries.

What's this update?

In March, Google tweets define a difference between daily updates and signature algorithms. Google then distinguishes between a specific portion of the daily refresh when a complete refresh affects the entire algorithm.

Every day, Google publishes one or more changes that are usually designed to improve our results. Focus on some specific improvements. Some broader changes. Last week, we released a wide core algorithm update. We do this several times a year.Google says that if a site's ranking is abandoned, there is no need to worry. Google has made some changes to previous pages.The above statement is a Google statement that Google warns website owners to counter individual SEO advisors or search engine advisers who use erroneous updates that have certain standards problems in the background of ranking declines.


Broad Core Algorithm Update Clues

Google offered few clues. But here is what we know:

  • The update was focused on providing better search results
  • There is nothing wrong with sites that lost rankings
  • There is no way to “fix” sites that lost rankings
  • The improvements are focused on the content but it is not a “quality” issue


There are no revisions, only right actions :
Google has made it very clear, now there is nothing less that pages can be reduced. They say they are "not right" for pages that are lesser than that. Instead they recommend webmasters to focus on creating the best content.However, if you say there is no solution to the pages that Google clearly claims, you can do a few things that will lose your website.