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Crowd Marketing - “Don’t Build Links Build Relationships”

What supports a person in making the choice of purchases? Here can be viewed a lot of terms, however, there is one very weighty, which clearly defines and varies from the others: this is view from both the inside and outside people. Yes! The suggestion of another fellow who has already bought a thing or used resource is one of the strongest quarrel in choosing the product. It was always, if earlier it happened within the framework of live communication, word of mouth, now it has moved to the Internet. absolutely, for this, there is plenty of sites.

The advertising appeals with the different resources is termed to be crowd marketing. This is quite a popular publicity tool now. This is the analysis of needs and the recognition of preferences of the crowd in social networks, various forums, blogs related to particular topics. The purpose of such an analysis is to stimulate a different product or service to the “masses” of the Internet communities.

The crowd marketing focuses on public opinion and the authors posting positive reviews and recommendations about the product . this makes the people to get interest on the certain product The effect of crowd marketing is aimed at attracting the audience to the goods and creating the necessary platform for buying and positive attitude to the product.

Quality crowd marketing needs more time: only long-term work will bring results. On average, this takes from three months, depending on the project and the conditions. It is worth noting that the most effective way to implement the crowd marketing campaign will be to outsource it. This saves a lot of time and results in a quality result. In specialized services, marketers work, which are engaged in this on a regular basis and have a base of earned sites with pumped-up accounts.

The task to be followed in crowd marketing for SEO:

  • Increase the popularity of the site in search engines.
  • Providing the growth and distribution of site links on the Internet.
  • Helps to increase the overall popularity of the site, the reputation, the reliability of the company product or service.
  • Formation of the right opinion about the advertised product.
  • Expansion of the target audience and coordination of new clients.

Crowd Marketing types:

The type depends on which site the text is placed. Crowd marketing is divided into the following types. Work on the services of questions and answers, commenting on topical blogs and sites, forums.

The competent strategy is to analyze the target audience, look for suitable ones and discard those that will not be of use.

Strategies also differ in their principles and tasks. Depending on their approach to work, they can be as listed below.

  • Classic crowd marketing – registration of accounts and writing comments.
  • Getting natural links – building up mass in the form of publications on sites, favorable SEO promotion of the site.
  • Getting references from sources where competitors are already posted.

The pros of Crowd Marketing

The main advantages of implementing crowd marketing strategy:

  • The growth of traffic for given requests.
  • Creation of brand recognition and positive image.
  • Lead generation.
  • Improving the site’s link profile.
  • The safe growth of positions in Google – if crowd marketing for content projects is carried out correctly, with a qualitative selection of sites for publications.

Basic criteria of Crowd Marketing

  1. Excellent knowledge of the product being promoted. It is necessary to know thoroughly what you are selling or promoting you need to focus mainly on the advantages of the product or service and also motivate the reader to follow the link.
  1. Create a trust profile. To enter the integrity of users and administrators, your profile must contain all the information about the owner (name, photo, contacts), the age of the profile (preferably from 1 month) is in a great importance. It is necessary to be active and participate in discussions and on other branches of the forum.
  1. The date of the topic creation in the discussion and the date of the last communication are of great importance. No need to post comments where the last message was published a long time ago, most likely it is an abandoned “dead” branch, the benefit of which will not be.
  1. Choosing the right option (you need your target audience). If you post your comments on not on the right place, you will end up with only failures on the site, this may lead to a worsening of behavioral factors.
  1. Making the useful content, understanding the problem of the person and try to help in that as not just to post the link in it.
  1. Use the name of brands and companies in the comments. Links in the comments can be clickable or not, at the same time, the non-anchored links have better survival rates and better conversion rates.For you, this can contribute to increasing the site’s trust and improving behavioral factors.

When using crowd marketing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Definition and detailed description of your target audience, what can include demographic, social, economic and other characteristics.
  • Selection of resources that are popular with the selected target audience.
  • Analysis of user needs that the product satisfies.
  • Determination of the correct style of communication.
  • Drawing up a list of performance indicators.
  • Summing up, developing recommendations.

Crowd marketing is a labor-intensive modern brand promotion technology that can (if properly used) increase sales and raise brand reputation. The main disadvantage of crowd marketing is the investment of the most expensive resource – time. Creating a suitable comment and link design is a very challenging process. If we consider narrow topics, then a fairly large amount of time is spent studying them.